How are applications for access selected and evaluated?

Access is granted on the basis of proposals. Each proposal will be reviewed and evaluated by an independent EPPN2020 platform scientist and international expert recognized for their expertise in plant phenotyping. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers and the feasibility of the proposed project (evaluated by the platform scientist) proposals will be ranked and selected for transnational access by the executive committee of EPPN2020.

The evaluation criteria of the submitted proposals are as follows:

  • technical feasibility (Note: Please contact the platform scientist and discuss the feasibility prior to the submission of the proposal)

  • the Transnational Access projects have to demonstrate scientific excellence (EPPN2020 access can extend or complement an available data sets)

  • the proposal crosses scales for addressing a specific question (e.g. metabolomics to phenotype, platform in greenhouse to field canopy). This is most often reached via a pre-existing dataset at another scale (e.g. preexisting field information combined with the result of the EPPN2020 Transnational Access project.

  • scientific progress leading to publications is expected

  • preference is given to users outside of EPPN2020 consortium

  • special attention will be paid to developing countries within a limit of 20% for non-EU countries and to young scientists

For more details see APPLICATION GUIDELINES.


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