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Networking in EPPN2020

EPPN2020 aims to further develop a pan-European community focused on plant phenotyping organized around the EPPN2020 phenotyping facilities. To achieve this goal, communication, networking and education need to unfold at four interdependent levels:

  • Workshops with technology developers: dedicated workshops with developers of technology will be organized to facilitate and define potential for: i) novel sensors and approaches for phenotyping to optimize and extend the pool of measurable plant traits; ii) adaptation and standardization of novel plant trait-oriented assays, and iii) protocols and procedures for data storage and exchange.
  • Round table meeting:  dedicated round table meetings will be organized to discuss, set and distribute best phenotyping practices, standards and protocols. Relevant, available knowledge will be collected and distributed first through the virtual network.
  • EPPN Training Schools: Training school-type courses will be held providing practical training on use of the instruments and tools of phenotyping for small groups of early career scientists.
  • International Phenotyping Conferences: the emerging field of plant phenotyping requires a series of conferences to disseminate results and allow timely circulation and exchange of ideas concerning phenotyping-specific technologies and methods. International Plant Phenotyping symposia will be organized in cooperation with the IPPN, which will provide an excellent platform for interaction beyond Europe and the distribution of best phenotyping practices established in EPPN2020.



EPPN2020 has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731013