How to access EPPN2020 phenotyping platforms?

1) Check your eligibility  more details

2) Read the Application Guidelines which specifies the requirements for an eligible application APPLICATION GUIDELINES

3) Select a platform for your Transnational Access project from the infrastructure database, contact the platform scientist and discuss the feasibility  Installation overview

Note: Feasibility is an essential evaluation criterion. You have to discuss the feasibility prior to the submission of a proposal.

4) Register to the EPPN2020 on-line application platform and submit your application Submission Platfrom.

5) Your application will be reviewed by experts, key evaluation criteria: feasibility, excellence, existing datasets on the same material, expected outcome  Evaluation and Selection Criteria

6) The access is free of charge for selected user-groups and includes the logistical, technological and scientific support and the specific training required to successfully complete the approved Transnational Access project Funding of Access

Please note: Applications are for one installation only. Usually, one application is acceptable at each call, but exceptions can be considered, in particular when using omic platforms together with a phenotyping platform.

7) After completion of your access project, you are requested to provide a project report  Reporting & Publication


For more information contact the Transnational Access Manager, Simone Gatzke:

Download the complete Application Guidelines as a pdf-File  APPLICATION GUIDELINES



EPPN2020 has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731013