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 "GSSHP - Genomics of sympatric speciation in Howea palms"

"HTPTDWWLDS- High Throughput Phenotyping of Tunisian durum wheat landraces under drought stress"

"PoTuWa- Isohydry of potato plants and tuber water capacitance"

"Phenotyping of SS1 mutant - Evaluation of physiological and biochemical characteristics changes of winter wheat Sucrose synthase1 (SS1) nonsense mutants during cold acclimation"


 "ResPot - Assessing the cost of resistance in potato"


"Bananadyn - The quest for climate smart varieties: phenotyping the banana biodiversity"


PhenoTOMVOC - Can moderate drought alter the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of tomato cultivars affecting their susceptibility to herbivory?

"MYCORICE - Effects of mycorrhizal inoculation on drought tolerance of African rice – from physiological traits to QTL identification"


"BAIMRoot - Drought effects on roots developmental aspects in spring barley population differentiated in the sdw1/denso locus"


"HYPEROOTS - Testing root hypergravitropism as a trait affecting drought tolerance in barley"


"RT_DT_L - In depth phenotyping for drought tolerance-related root traits in a lentil RIL population"


"Roots for drought - Association of roots with grain yield under variable moisture availability in winter and spring wheat"



"WEROOT - Characterization of Wheat gEnetic Resources with high high thrOughput rOot phenotyping to increase wheaT adaptation to drought"



"SunDeep - Utilisation of automated phenotyping platform in examination of water sensitivity in sunflower "

"CREATOR - CO2 regulation of stomatal conductance as a tool for generation of water-saving plants"

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