Plant Phenotyping Forum: Integrating European plant phenotyping community

22th - 24th of November 2017


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The Plant Phenotyping Forum was organised under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU on 22-24th of November in Tartu, Estonia, attracting nearly 120 participants to discuss about the need to characterize the plant phenotype.

The Plant Phenotyping Forum was opened by Indrek Reimand, Deputy Secretary General for Higher Education and Research and Andres Koppel, Director General of the Estonian Research Council stressing the need to address food security in a sustainable Europe as one of the themes of the Estonian Presidency. The sustainable food production and bioeconomy was further discussed in a panel discussion with stakeholders from academia, industry, the farming sector talking about the consumer expectations, the role of policy makers and novel technology in agriculture in times of climate change. The event was complemented by scientific presentations with case studies including different and diverse needs of plant phenotyping for the improvement of breeding for plant performance in future climate with crops tolerant to biotic and abiotic stress as well as the increasing importance of analysis, use and reuse of data in this field.

Plant phenotyping is becoming an important topic in Estonia with high quality scientific contributions complementing the European phenotyping landscape. It became obvious that close interaction between different countries and stakeholders is essential to further advance plant phenotyping in Europe and beyond. A dedicated session introduced the ESFRI listed project EMPHASIS that aims at the development of long-term pan-European plant phenotyping infrastructure. This session concluded a series of European events to learn about the plant phenotyping landscape in different European countries with Estonia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and Ireland being the last of the over 20 countries introduced in EMPHASIS sessions throughout 2017.

The event was organized by EU projects, EPPN2020 providing access to essential plant phenotyping facilities in Europe, ECOLCHANGE as a center of excellence in Estonia covering the field of global change from molecular to biome level, and the ESFRI listed project EMPHASIS.

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EPPN2020 has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731013