COST WG1 / EPPN2020 workshop
29th - 30th of September 2017
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Workshop: Current and future applications of phenotyping for plant breeding


The opportunity for Transnational Access to the EPPN2020 installations will be advertised widely and discussed with the diverse user community by implementing a series of sessions at specific conferences and workshops .

The first event, co-organized with the COST Action (FA FA1306), was held in Novi Sad, Serbia (29th-30th of September 2017) as a workshop: “Current and future applications of phenotyping for plant breeding”. The aim of this workshop was to provide: i) close interaction between breeders and phenotyping experts to discuss the needs and requirements for crop improvement, ii) demonstrations of case studies that illustrate different aspects of plant phenotyping and its applications for breeding, iii) opportunities to enable access to key plant phenotyping infrastructure within the EPPN2020 project. About 140 people from Europe participated at this meeting. Access providers illustrated case studies from their installations in presentations and within a poster session. Thus, this event provided many opportunities for different users to learn about the installations available for access and to directly discuss with different access providers about the access opportunity.

The Abstract Book of this workshop can be found here

Abstract Book

  • The value of phenotyping networks (COST, EPPN2020, EMPHASIS, IPPN)

  • Enabling access for academia and industry to the European plant phenotyping infrastructure

  • Phenotyping/Breeding for biomass improvement

  • Phenotyping/Breeding for nutrient efficiency

  • Phenotyping/Breeding of perennial crops

  • Phenotyping/Breeding for biotic stress tolerance

  • Phenotyping/Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance


EPPN2020 has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731013