28.02.2024 – Sidi el Aidi Station

Root2Res Workshop on Root Phenotyping

Save the date/ Root2Res Project Workshop on Root Phenotyping and HTP 28th February 2024 Sidi el Aidi Station 

The workshop is part of the dissemination activities of the Root2Res (R2R) H2020 Project (see attachment), and it will be held during the BarleyMicroBreed (BMB) Project annual meeting (Rabat, 27th-29th February 2024),  the next 28TH February (the program is attached).  The BMB Project is the twin project of R2R and it is  also funded by EU under the H2020  initiative (About BarleyMicroBreed (au.dk).


During these days we will have in Rabat a group of world-renowned scientists from several European institutions with different expertise, therefore the workshop will be also a chance for discussions with projects members.  The workshop is open to both BSc and MSc students of plant breeding, agronomy, biotechnology etc..


ICARDA will provide transportation, coffee breaks and lunch to all participants. Since it is a practical workshop the number of participants should be maximum 20 (10 from each University), however a slightly increased number of participants could be discussed in next days. During each practical sessions students will be divided in small groups.  Feel free to share with your colleagues and please don’t hesitate in asking any question. Kindly note that the registration procedure will close the 20th February to allow a smooth organization of the workshop logistic.


Registration procedure:


  1. Register at the link Root2Res Workshop on Root Phenotyping at Sidi el Aidi 28th February 2024 (google.com) or use the QR code in the workshop flyer
  2. Fill the stakeholder information consensus form  at this link


Flyer (PDF)



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