15.05.2020 14:00 15:00

Phenomics Webinar: "Phenomics, MetaPhenomics, and the many ways plants acclimate to growth light intensity" by Hendrik Poorter

Phenomics Webinars

The webinar series Phenomics Webinars, jointly organised by IPPN, EMPHASIS and EPPN2020, will be kicked off with a talk by Dr. Hendrik Poorter (Forschungszentrum Juelich; IBG-2):

"In this webinar I will first talk about ways we can generalize the response of plants to their abiotic environment. Dose-response curves are a great vehicle for this. I will then show how to combine this with meta-analytical procedures. As an example I will show a meta-analysis of how plants acclimate to different light environments, for a large number of traits ranging from sub-cellular characteristics to growth-related traits to reproductive output. I will show how we integrated this into a knowledge sheet, and end with some food-for-thought questions about phenomics in general."

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