30.10.2020 14:00 15:30 Uhr – Online

Phenomics Webinar: Session on Low-Cost Sensors and Vectors for Plant Phenotyping

Phenomics Webinars

The next session of the webinar series Phenomics Webinars, jointly organised by IPPN, EMPHASIS and EPPN2020, will be a dedicated

Session on Low-Cost Sensors and Vectors for Plant Phenotyping


1) Antoine FournierTowards Low-Cost Hyperspectral Single-Pixel Imaging for Plant Phenotyping

2) Olivier PietersGloxinia—An Open-Source Sensing Platform to Monitor the Dynamic Responses of Plants

3) Salma SamieiToward Joint Acquisition-Annotation of Images with Egocentric Devices for a Lower-Cost Machine Learning Application to Apple Detection


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